Getting PicKit2 working in OSX

Posted in Uncategorized by cdeschenes on November 1, 2014


Extract files


  • Mac OSX 10.5 is required to run it along with the latest version of Java.
  • You need to copy pk2cmd and PK2DeviceFile.dat files into /bin folder, even if you have manually installed pk2cmd before.
  • To do that, open a Finder window and press CMD+SHIFT+G then type in “/bin” (without the ” “).
  • Drag and drop the 2 files, enter your admin password and you’re done.

Or by terminal:

  • copy pk2cmd to /bin
  • # sudo cp pkcmd /bin
  • Copy PK2DeviceFile.dat to /bin
  • # sudo cp PK2DeviceFile.dat /bin

Plugin your USB PicKit2

Run PicKit2-Programmer

If you get the message that the PK2DeviceFile.dat can not be found then run the following command.

# sudo chmod 777 /bin/PK2DeviceFile.dat