Video camera is ordered

Posted in Uncategorized by cdeschenes on August 17, 2009

My HD video camera has finally been ordered this week. Now while I wait for it to get delivered I decided to start looking for accessories and books to get me started. My goal is to capture the trips and drives that my wife and I take and start a family archive. What camera did I end up getting? The Panasonic HDC-HS300K, I read so many reviews on this model and comparable Canon and Sony models. The Panasonic was the only one in its price range that had a internal HDD with external microphone jack and a standard hot boot for lights. I was able to download some raw footage from a forum member that has the camera and it was amazing looking. He did indoor and outdoor video and they looked great.

Whats next on the list? After much thought I think I will start with a 35mm lens mount and a rail system mount. Here are the few that I’m looking at.

Cavision RS-15IIM Rod Support – Most likely pick up this one.
Manfrotto by Bogen Imaging 293 – Might be a nice cheaper option and it will work with my DSLR also.