Time to take some snaps

Posted in Uncategorized by cdeschenes on July 29, 2009

So after much thinking and searching I have finally found the digital camera that I wanted to invest in. Heres what I got.

Canon EOS Rebel XS
Canon EH-18L Semi Hard Case
Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip
16gb SDHC

Looks like I just need a few batteries and I’m ready to go. I downloaded the manual and its now time to start reading.


To take a picture

Posted in Uncategorized by cdeschenes on July 26, 2009

I started to think about my hobbies and if I can show for any of it.. I collect video game console, big deal. I am a musician and I don’t have much to show for other than a lot of expensive gear and room that doesn’t see much human interaction. My point is that I would like to do a more portal hobby. I used to love photography and I had my 35mm that I did mostly black and whites with. It got boxed up and was taken out only what I traveled and has been neglected. I have a basic point-click Canon PowerShot that gets used mainly for ebay shots, its really sad that’s all its used for.

I decided to look around at newer digital cameras in my price range and see what I can pull off. I found the Canon PowerShot SX10. This is another point-click camera but has a SLR style body. I would be able to put filters on it with a step up adapter that fits the SX10 from a 55mm to a 58mm. I would be able to use a UV filter and a polarized filter for most shots. I then started looking for a DSLR and there are only a few in my current price range. I found that reviewers and people loved the Canon EOS Rebel XS and an entry level DSLR. I will probably have to think about this one for the week and then decide.

I did buy a Holga camera to mess with. I have always loved the photos this “toy” camera took and the imperfections that it created are lovable. I picked up a package of 2 cameras and a flash kit with 13 rolls of film for $80. I’m very excited to start messing with it and getting my Flikr page updated. Stay tuned.

Lists and more lists

Posted in Uncategorized by cdeschenes on July 7, 2009

I was reading a article about people making lists for everything like music, movie, recipes, sexual encounters.. you know “normal stuff” etc… Seems like many lives revolve around lists and people rely on them daily. Is it because we are inherently unorganized? Is it a comfort thing? I began to think of what parts of my life consist of lists.. I can only think of a few. I ALWAYS make a list of what I want from In-and-out since no one can remember my order when picking up lunch. I make lists of random crap I need to buy for “enter project name here” from Target, Radio Shack etc. Then we come to the “forced by corporate Demons” like Netfix. They seriously have to know that no one person in their right mind will just add movies to their list with out constantly moving them up and down the list, especially if you are sharing this list with a wife/family member/dog or angry foreigner.  I could be having the best day of my life what all of a sudden I get the dreaded email from Netflix saying they have received my previous movies… I run to the computer to login as quick as I can to make sure the next 4 movies that are on the top of the list weren’t some 3 AM drunken add of Barbie: the magical princess or season 1 of strawberry shortcake, which reminds me… I need to send that one back.

Just for kicks here are my next 4 coming from Netflix

  1. Jacob’s Ladder
  2. I stand Alone
  3. Calvaire
  4. Opera

Nothing to crazy.. A few I have seen before and a few I haven’t. Should be a fun weekend.

A needed ability

Posted in Uncategorized by cdeschenes on July 5, 2009

I was forced to go to Wall-mart today. As I stood there with the cart watching a guy, with a mullet from another planet teach his kid how to steal sodas, my mind began to wonder. What if I was born with the over-the-top psychic power like Scanners and was able to make peoples head explode on command… would it then become “fun” to explore the depths of the Fresno caves that are called Wall-mart, Food Max and Win-Co.

With every disorder there needs to be some order. So I guess if my powers of “head crushing goodness” became to much for this world then Wall-mart, Food Max and Win-Co would join forces and aim its gravitational pull of ghettoness my way… The more I think about it I believe this would cause the end of civilization as we know it.

It’s either NEW or USED.. which one is it?

Posted in Uncategorized by cdeschenes on July 4, 2009

I am SO tired of people on eBay and Craigslist who list stuff as “Brand New” and they add the line “Used for only 2 hours”. As anyone in my position can see how retarded this is but they [ignorant sellers] keep getting away with it. The next bit of my rant it directed to people that use the above method to sell items..

Today I went to Target and bought a 5 pack of underwear. I have been wearing a pair since I started this post. I will now take them off and put them in the bag they came in and sell them to you as “New” … but I must warn you, its 105 degrees here in Fresno… enjoy!